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From beaches and hill stations to forts and palaces, planning a destination wedding is a wonderful idea. This diverse country with its unparalleled hospitality, great infrastructure and the ideal food capabilities for Indian weddings makes things very convenient when it comes to celebrating your big day! Vidira Concept, a destination wedding planner in UAE, is not only a luxury wedding planner but also has a 9-year heritage in the wedding industry. From sourcing the right destinations to contracting the best hotel rates and managing the entire wedding experience, we will make sure to take your special day to the next level with our professional wedding planning services in U.A.E, India, Thailand, Indonesia!

Cherish all the time you save from scouting and researching for your wedding. Use it to attend to the more personal aspects of the wedding planning and creating beautiful memories with your near and dear ones as you wait for the D-Day to approach. Let your hair down, shake a leg and enjoy the biggest party of your life to the fullest as we play the perfect host on your behalf.We are amongst the leading Destination Wedding Planners in India. With years of experience and ideal collaborations we are able to provide you with all wedding planning services across the country and in numerous destinations around the globe. From selection of venue, hiring the best catering team, getting the exclusive idea for your bridal entry, finding the perfect artist for your sangeet to making your guests comfortable, we do it all for you no matter the locale.

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We believe in telling stories through amazing concepts. Our aim is to create “designs with ultimate sophistication”. Our Team works with you on each and every detail of the event and provide you the guidance to turn your event into an unforgettable event and a day you will cherish for the rest of your life. From small intimate gatherings to lavish-extravaganza affairs, weddings andparties perfectly planned, beautifully executed and create magical experiences. "WE HEAR, WE LISTEN, WE RESPOND THE RESULT IS SOULFUL DESIGNS”-- an experience that reflects the host’s personality, taste and style. Behind every gorgeous wedding, lies 200 hours of planning. Surprised? It's true. Our job is not an easy one. From all the research, to phone calls, appointments, bookings, selections, tastings, spreadsheets, confirmations, we take care of them all.


Weddings mean a great deal to us, so naturally, there is not a stone left unturned when we get down to the business of hosting one. Working with the Vidira Concept means getting your big day organised exactly the way you have always dreamt it to be and somehow having it turn out even better.
Having a good amount of experience as one of Dubai’s best luxury wedding planners, our services are streamlined to make your wedding a smooth process. Vidira Concept only promises what it can deliver and that is: class, paired with client satisfaction.


Dubai has long been an extremely sought-after wedding location for couples all over the world. So when you have selected such an exquisite location for your destination wedding, it only makes sense to have a dream wedding planning team on board too.
Having worked with plenty of local and international clients, Vidira Concept Team is the right choice for all those who are looking for a hassle free we


Not only do we just cover weddings, we also do engagement parties and birthdays! So if you are looking for event planners that will help you host unforgettable family gatherings, our party planning services are just the thing you need.
In short, we are big fans of celebrating any joyous occasion and would be more than glad to help you in doing so as well. To know more about our services, contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion or a plan.


We design your wedding venue in the way you have dreamed. We can ensure even a better ambience than you were expecting. As we have a professional team who suggest you a better and more innovative ideas to make your wedding decoration more stunning and graceful. We truly understand how special weddings are. Therefore we believe that a wedding, whether big or small, should always carry a charm so grand that its memories are forever etched in your mind. That is why we come into the picture. We are a team, armed with creativity and driven by enthusiasm. It is our job to add our special touch in every step to make your wedding perfectly unique. We look after every single detail so that the ceremonies run smoothly and you don't have to worry about the bridal dress, or the venue, or the food, or the guests. We are known to be on our toes all day, all night so that you can enjoy every moment of your wedding.







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    Ensure that wedding ceremony embodies magnificence and elegance with a décor that reflects your vision and personality. Vidira Concept helps you with the creation of stylish and innovative themes and concepts that resonate your dream. From an intimate and sophisticated indoor wedding décor to extravagant and luxurious outdoor décor, we decorate your space to look splendid and awe-inspiring. If you are planning a destination wedding, our skilled artists transform the venue into an exuberant space according to the essence of the destination. We design each of the event venues with shimmering details that reflect the exclusivity, whether it is for exchanging vows or reception or mehndi or sangeet. To give your wedding a synchronized charm, we create a personalized décor that exudes individuality. You can choose from a wide range of themes as per your choice, from glamorous Bombay Bliss to peaceful Buddha Beauty to Conventional Classic to regal Victorian Vanity.